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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Welcome romance author, Deborah Camp...

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
When I was a kid, I did have imaginary friends. I was sort of an only child – my only sibling was 10 years older than me – so I learned to enjoy the pleasure of my own company. But I also dreamed up friends or I transported myself into their TV or movie world and acted out adventures with them. I still do this. When I’m thinking of a pivotal scene, I find myself talking it out – aloud – to see how it sounds and if it feels authentic.

Do you have any phobias?
Not really, although when I was young I was afraid of the dark. I always had to have a nightlight on. One of the main characters in my Mind’s Eye series – Levi Wolfe – has several phobias, so I’ve been researching them.

Do you listen to music when you're writing?
Not usually, but I do sometimes. I used to have the TV on all the time for white noise, but I don’t do that anymore. Occasionally, especially when I’m writing a love/sex scene, I’ll listen to music. My problem is that I used to be a singer, so it’s hard for me to listen to someone singing and not what to sing, too! So, I will listen to orchestral music sometimes when I’m writing.
Do you ever read your stories out loud?
I used to read ALL of my novels aloud because I was in a critique group for more than a decade and that’s what we did – we read a chapter aloud and everyone offered their opinion of it. It was a great way to hone my writing and to “hear” how my book sounded. I will still read sections of my work aloud to listen to how it flows. Actually, it’s better to have someone else read your work. You know how you WANT dialogue to sound, but a “cold” reader doesn’t. So, you can sometimes fix dialogue to make the reader hear it the way you want it heard. Or when a reader stumbles over something, you know to create a better sentence structure so that it flows more naturally.
Tell us about your main character and who inspired him/her.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to E.L. James. Levi Wolfe came to life for me after I read “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Levi had been lurking in my head for a long time. I have a “thing” for tragic, misunderstood protagonists. For example, I’m mad for Mr. Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice.” I love those bad boys with hearts of gold. I wanted to write a book about psychics – something more procedural and not so mystical. I wanted a male protagonist who appeared to be someone on the outside and was someone quite different on the inside. And I wanted a heroine who instantly sees through his façade and knows there is a sweet, conflicted, exceptional heart beating under that suit of armor he’s built around himself. For some reason, when I read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and its sequels, they gave me the courage I needed to go ahead and write the books that had been niggling at me for years. I had mentioned the idea for the books to several editors and a couple of agents and had been steered away from them. But being a successful writer is about taking chances and taking punches and rolling with them. Bolstered by my “Fifty” rebirth, I decided to write the books that burned inside me and not worry about whether anyone would like them. I figured that if I love Levi, I’ll find a reading audience for him eventually.

Through His Heart
by Deborah Camp



“Sending you an SOS.”

When psychic Trudy Tucker hears this plaintive cry in her mind and then connects psychically with a little girl’s kidnapper, she is drawn to a small town in Missouri where everyone is suspect – including herself and her lover, celebrated psychic detective Levi Wolfe. As she and Levi work together to sort through whom and what to trust, an innocent life hangs in the balance.



Levi shifted his shoulders as if a weight had settled on them and his black brows knitted. His thick, sooty lashes tapped his cheeks as he squirmed a little. After taking a lung-filling breath, he let it escape in a long hiss. Trudy wondered what he was experiencing, what was going on in that brilliant mind of his. What did he see? Shadows moving in the distance? Souls stepping forward? A young girl emerging and answering his call? From the movement of his eyes behind his closed lids, she knew he was there . . . there among the spirits.

“Gregory,” he whispered.

His spirit guide! She sat forward, watching, waiting. He hadn’t connected with Gregory very much during the past few months. He’d told her that it bothered him, but that Gregory had reminded him that he only appeared when Levi needed guidance or centering. So, why had he appeared now? Was Levi having trouble? Had she been wrong to prod him into looking for Rachel over there?

“What’s going on?” Levi asked, his raspy voice carrying a sliver of doubt. “Who’s that? Is it . . . that’s not . . . no. No!” His eyes opened, wide and wild. He gasped for breath and emitted little grunts of panic with each exhale.

Trudy’s heart and spirits plummeted. “You saw her there? Rachel’s there?” A sob tore at her throat. How could she tell AmyLynn? Did the FBI know already?

“No . . . I . . .” Levi shot to his feet and scrubbed his face with his hands. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“She’s there? Oh, my God, she’s dead. He killed her.” Trudy wrapped her arms around herself as she began to shake with the horrible knowledge. She’d failed. She’d been useless. Ineffective. A bad joke. The little girl . . . gone. Gone!

“I didn’t see Rachel.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Author of more than 40 novels, Deborah lives in Oklahoma. She has been a full-time writer since she graduated from the University of Tulsa. She worked for a few years as a reporter for newspapers before becoming a freelance writer. Deborah’s first novel was published in the late 1970s and her books have been published by Jove, New American Library, Harlequin, Silhouette, and Avon. She has been inducted into the Oklahoma Authors Hall of Fame and she is a charter member of the Romance Writers of America. She is widely published in non-fiction and writes and edits for a magazine focused on small businesses. Deborah taught fiction writing for more than 10 years at a community college. She is currently working on a series of novels featuring two psychics who work with police nationwide to identify and track serial murderers.


All of her novels are available on Amazon as ebooks



Deborah will award a $50 Amazon or BN GC to one randomly chosen winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Welcome Entangled author, Teri Anne Stanley...

Release Date: July 21, 2015

Book Synopsis:  Justin Morgan would happily drown the pain of his injured leg—and the guilt he brought back from Afghanistan—in bourbon. Except, there won’t be any booze if he doesn’t rescue his family’s century-old distillery from financial ruin. The problem? Allie McGrath—youngest daughter of the distillery’s co-owners, and the one woman he can’t have.

Allie has been in love with Justin since…well, she's always been in love with him. Now he's home, broken up over the death of her brother, and he needs help. She can fix the distillery—she’s sure of it—but no one’s taking her or her sweet new idea seriously. Convincing Justin is her only hope.

Allie is more tempting than Justin expected, threatening a promise he swore he’d never break. If he can’t keep their attraction under control, there’s a solid chance they’ll send the whole enterprise crumbling to the ground…if he doesn’t crash and burn first.

Excerpt 2:  Justin tucked the towel around his waist and hoisted himself up onto his
good leg, holding on to his crutches with one hand. Allie put a shoulder into his side and an arm around his waist. He tried not to lean on her, he really did. He tried not to put his
free arm around her and smell her hair.
“Holy shit, Justin, you’re heavy.”
He couldn’t think about her soft body beneath his,
those green eyes staring up at him, all soft and wanting. He
was Justin the Buddy, not Justin the Creeper. “It’s because
my manly muscles are extra dense. Like Superman, except
instead of steel I’m a man of granite.
“You are the most full-of-crap person on the planet, do
you know that?”
And yet she didn’t pull away. If anything, her hand
tightened on his waist.
“Let me go, babe. I can hobble in there under my own
She let him go, but hovered close by. From the corner of
his eye, he could tell she was checking him out.
He tried to gimp a little faster to keep her from noticing
that his towel wasn’t hanging flat in the front.
They made it to the bathroom, and Allie turned on the
faucets to fill the tub. She patted the edge, and he lowered
himself to sit, his bum leg sticking awkwardly out into the
room. He had to put his hand in hers to steady himself.
She knelt and began unfastening the Velcro strips
holding the brace in place.
Jesus, Mary, and Uncle Steve. She was on her knees in
front of him, and he was wearing a damned towel. He had a
moment of dream déjà vu. A strand of rich honey hair had
come loose from her ponytail and curled in the steam rising
from the tub. He reached out to tuck it around his finger,
but then pulled up short of actually touching her. She was
Dave’s kid sister. No touching.
She looked up, something like heat in her eyes that was
quickly masked by humor. “Do you want some Mr. Bubble
in your tub?”
He actually considered it. She was going to have to help
him in and out of the tub. But he couldn’t quite figure out
how he was going to casually scoop a handful of bubbles
over his semi-stiffy between dropping his towel and getting
into the water.
He turned a little, to maneuver his good leg into the tub.
He took a breath and grabbed the side of his towel, ready to
yank it off.
Allie must have realized the reality of his predicament,
because her face was red. She met his eyes with a stricken
expression, then dropped her gaze like his groin was an eye
“It’s just a dick, Sneezy,” Justin said, pulling the towel
off Band-Aid-style—all at once, to get the agony over with.
He lowered himself into the water while she cradled his
damaged ankle.
She stared at his crotch. And kept staring.
Justin almost reached for the towel again.
“You’re right. It’s just a dick,” she said, once he was
settled. She turned to walk out. “I’m going to get started on
some work. Holler when you want to get out of the tub.”
“It’s not just a dick,” he called after her. “It’s a really
nice dick!”

Author Bio:  Teri Anne Stanley began her writing career with scientific articles—followed by a three-ingredient recipe column, but wasn't allowed to write naked parts for them—so now she writes romance.

She's also worked as a fashion designer for female body builders and a sex therapist for rats. In her spare time, she’s a neuroscience research assistant. Along with a variety of offspring and dogs, she and Mr. Stanley live just outside of Sugartit, which is—honest to God—between Beaverlick and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.
Newsletter: sign up at teriannestanley.com

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Welcome Entangled author, Kathy Lyons...

 Hi Kathy! It's great to have you here and to be a part of your ongoing tour for THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR - I wish you all the best with success and sales! Let's kick off with my questions...

1.)          What is your favourite thing about yourself?
That’s a loaded question! If I talk about any of my fine qualities, I feel like I’m arrogant or bragging. But false modesty never works either. So I guess I’ll just have to go with this: I love easily and well.  Doesn’t matter who or what a person is, a situation, even an inanimate object—I can find a way to love it and often do. That dust bunny under the bed? It’s adorable! See how it’s all dusty? That’s awesome!  That jerk in traffic? Oh geez, he’s probably having an awful day. I hope it gets better for him. That woman named Jade Lee who is eating a cheesecake because of an awful review? It’s okay honey. I bet that reviewer is covered in sores and just acting out. It has nothing to do with you.

Don’t get me wrong. I get angry and jealous too. I curse the dust bunny, think bad thoughts at the jerk, and wish all sorts of terrible things on the reviewer. I’m not a saint. But in the midst of all that vicious thinking, I have tender, warmer thoughts too. It’s a strange dichotomy inside me. What can I say? I’m bizarre, but I love that about myself too!

2.)          What do you wish you’d known before you started writing?
That the very most important thing to work on was keeping the joy in the storytelling. I’ve used my writing to exorcise some personal demons. I’ve written trying to capture a market trend. I’ve even written stories specifically to stretch my skill. But it was the joy in the story that was most important, and I kept forgetting that. All those other things (except chasing the market) were important, but it’s the joy of storytelling that is the most vital.

3.)          Share a romantic moment in your life.
You’re going to laugh because it’s so silly. My husband is anal about the tire pressure in my car. Also the oil, the maintenance, the gas, and the dinks on the door. Don’t get me wrong. I always appreciate it. It’s not like I want to remember that stuff, but I always thought it was a little silly. Then one day I realized he wasn’t doing this because he loves cars, he was checking these things because he loves me. It shouldn’t have been such a shock, but heck, I was young—barely into my 20s. Anyway, I remember looking at him squatting in the dirt beside my car just to check the tire pressure and feeling overwhelmed with love. He was there doing something I’d never do because he loved me. He wanted my car to run well and for me to be safe. It wasn’t a stupid guy thing, it was one of the ways he showed his love. My heart swelled and…well, it was just really, really romantic.

4.)          Is there one subject you’d never write about as an author? What is it?
Oooh, a trick question. The minute I say I’d never write about cockroaches in love, my imagination takes that as a challenge. They could be dancing together, entwining antennae!  And think of all the glorious babies they could have!  Then there are the standard answers: rape, murder, suicide, etc – but they’re all the stuff of drama. And every man, woman, or child has the capacity for great evil as well as great good. So is there anything I’d never write about? Can’t think of a thing. It’s all up for grabs!

5.)          Do you have any suggestions to help someone become a better writer? If so, what are they?
I talked about keeping the joy of storytelling in question 2. Also remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Do a little bit every day and plan for a long career, not a one book wonder.  And finally, keep stretching. The more you learn, the better you’ll be. Practice, exploration, even self development (especially self development) makes what and how you write all the more exciting.

6.)          If you could be the original author for any book, what would it be? Why?
I wish I was Joss Whedon. Comic books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Avengers. I know, I know, you asked about a book, but Joss looms large as a master storyteller beyond other masters. What he does amazes me, and I can’t stop watching everything he does. I want his skill with dialogue, his flair with characters, his ability with structure, and the sheer organizational capacity to manage all the different things he does.

7.)          What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
Lies. Okay, so I called them stories, but I had a “flexible” understanding of reality. Mostly to get myself out of trouble, but also to just make something more dramatic.

8.)          If I came to your house for dinner what would you prepare for me? Why?
We’d go out to dinner because I can’t cook. Well, I can, but I hate it. It takes too much time and often tastes disappointing. And if you wanted to stay in, I’d order in. Whatever you want. I’m flexible. I’m just a lousy cook.

Book Title: The Player Next Door
Author: Kathy Lyons
Release Date: 7/21/15
Genre: Contemporary Romance
About the Book:  NBA star Mike Giamaria doesn’t mix basketball with love. Ever. Then Mike meets Tori Williams, his cute, quirky new neighbor who seems hell bent on refurbishing her death trap of a house on her own. When she falls from her roof and into his arms, Mike knows he’s just caught a whole heap of trouble.

Trouble sums up Tori's life. Despite her academic success, no one believes she can take care of herself—not her family, not her ex-boyfriend. She's determined to live her life on her own terms, and if that includes a hot summer fling with the super-sexy athlete next door, so much the better.

But when Tori’s around, Mike can’t keep his mind on basketball. He wants…more. And to his horror, not just more time on the court. When training starts, it’s game over—it has to be—unless Tori can convince Mike that love doesn't belong on the sidelines.

About the Author:  Kathy Lyons is the fun, contemporary side of USA Today Bestselling author Jade Lee.  She loves sassy romance with lots of laughter and sex.  Spice is the variety of life, right?  Okay, so maybe two kids, two cats, two pennames, and writing over 40 books has messed with her mind, but she still keeps having fun. Check her out at www.KathyLyons.com  Or hang out with her sexy historical half, Jade Lee. Titled heroes with dark secrets are Jade’s passion.  Especially when they fall for women who add more than just spice to their lives.  Find her at www.JadeLeeAuthor.com.  Facebook: JadeLeeBooks   Twitter: JadeLeeAuthor

Giveaway Info: Kathy is giving away this shirt in whatever team/size the winner prefers plus a copy of the Kathy Lyons Entangled book of their choice

International okay: $50 gift certificate to nba.com will be substituted for international winner.

Excerpt 2:  (pre-sex) He leaned forward, kissing her lightly. She expected to be slammed onto the bed, but he just licked her lips, nipped at the edges, and then eventually sealed her mouth with his.
            In short, he was a slow lover, and she was terrified that she'd insult him when her mind wandered elsewhere. So she broke away and stripped off her tee. She would have taken everything off if her legs hadn't been entwined with his. "You don't have to go slow, Mike. It's okay."
            He chuckled. "I've never heard a woman say that before." Then he sobered. "I'm a big guy, Tori. I want to make sure you're fully involved before we do this."
            She winced, realizing what he meant: the slow build to a great climax. Except she just wasn't built that way. "Um, I never get fully involved in anything. At least not for long."
            He smiled. "That sounds like a challenge."
            Oh shit. Not what she meant. He was a competitor and if she put up a goal, he would go through hell and high water to meet it. But he couldn't with her, and he was too perceptive for her to fake it effectively.
            "I'm just not wired for slow," she said. "I distract too easily."
            He smiled and let his hands trail down her sides making her shiver. "Good information there. I'll need to work for your attention." He grinned, his white teeth showing brilliantly against his caramel skin. "Good thing I'm used to electrifying millions of people."
            "That's in basketball—oh... That's...nice." He was tracing one finger around her nipple. It was even through her bra, but she felt it like a lightning bolt through her belly. But then he kept doing it, adding in a pinch occasionally to the circling motion. Over and over until her sight fuzzed out and she began thinking about what he'd said.
            Just exactly how large was he? She tried to think back to her other lovers. She didn't remember any of them as particularly big, so did that mean...
            He touched her chin and she blinked, focusing back on him. Oh shit. She'd just dazed out on him.
            "Mike, I...um..."
            He touched her lips with his thumb, pressing them closed. "That was just a baseline, Tori. I wanted to see what you did when you got bored."
            "I wasn't bored," she lied.
            He chuckled. "Yes, you were. I only have one rule: don't lie to me."
            She swallowed. It wasn't like she lied as a general rule, but guys’ egos were fragile. Especially in the lovemaking department. "I—"
            "You're going to have to learn to trust me on this. My ego can handle it."
            She didn't believe him. She wanted to, but honestly, he was a superstar athlete. He was used to being the best at everything, especially anything physical. And he'd probably had women telling him he was the greatest lover ever since high school. No way was he going to like it—
            "So what's going on in that head of yours?"
            She blinked. Damn it, she'd just spaced out on him again. Normally she could focus better.
            "Let me guess," he said with a smile. "You're used to lying to your lovers. Telling them they've rocked your world when actually you were off thinking about Hindu gods or something."
            Damn. He was smarter than she'd ever guessed. And she just wasn't up to faking it with him. "Maybe this isn't a good idea."
            He leaned forward, nuzzling along her neck, his words a low rumble against her skin. "Maybe you need to let me try."
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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Welcome contemporary romance author, Susie Warren...

 Hi Susie, welcome to my blog! I am thrilled to be a part of your tour and wish you every success with your latest release, THE CONVENIENT WEDDING. Let's start with my interview questions... (DON'T MISS THE GIVEAWAY AT THE END OF THIS POST, LOVELY VISITORS!)

1.)          What is your favourite thing about yourself?
My favourite thing about myself is my ability to write almost anything. I gravitate to writing fiction but I’m also adept at creating technical documents, marketing materials, reports, speeches, articles and other business correspondence. It’s something I can rely on – my ability to communicate in writing.

2.)          What do you wish you’d known before you started writing?
I began writing a young adult novel in high school but when I went to college at seventeen, I worried that a writing career would be too elusive or risky. I pursued a more established career path - business administration and marketing. It wasn’t until my late thirties that I decided to take a leap of faith and begin seriously pursuing a writing career.

3.)          Share a romantic moment in your life.
I have three teenagers so romantic moments need to planned and carefully cultivated. My husband and I spend most of our spare time going to our children’s sporting events, rehearsals and lessons but occasionally we have a date night or weekend away. During these outings, while it may be extraordinarily hard, we try not to talk about the kids but instead focus on our relationship or ideas or goals. I find these times very romantic because it is really re-discovering another world.

4.)          Is there one subject you’d never write about as an author? What is it?
I don’t think I would ever write about explicit violence or horror. I much prefer happily ever after endings and positive stories.

5.)          Do you have any suggestions to help someone become a better writer? If so, what are they?
Writing can be a solitary profession. I’ve noticed that many writers are introverts, myself included.
For someone who wants to become a better writer, I think it is critical to join writing groups and go to conferences. You will find many, many like-minded people who are happy to give advice and talk about writing. Learning about the craft and speaking with other writers will push you forward. Like many other things in life, sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep making progress.

6.)          If you could be the original author for any book, what would it be? Why?
Jane Eyre. It’s my absolute favourite novel and I decided at fifteen that I wanted to try and write a novel after reading it. I knew very little about writing at that point and was convinced that I would retell the story without all of the unfairness and sad circumstances surrounding her childhood. As a writer now, I realize the characters need obstacles to overcome and things need to get worse continually for the story to be compelling.

7.)          What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
Daydreaming. I rarely paid attention in school. I wasn’t disruptive but preferred to think my own thoughts. It was an exceptional teacher that could hold my interest for more than a few minutes. It only became an issue when I was called on and had no idea what the discussion was about. Often my parents were presented with the idea that I was a daydreamer and they sympathized with the person making the compliant and would agree with them.

8.)          If I came to your house for dinner what would you prepare for me? Why?
I have a few recipes that I make really well. Typically, I’ll put together a meal consisting of grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes and green beans. I usually serve a chilled white wine with this meal and then offer a mixed berry pie for dessert.

The Convenient Wedding
by Susie Warren



The Convenient Wedding

A reluctant socialite is pulled into a scandal and must choose between her families’ reputation and her future happiness.

Lucia Montgomery is from an old and powerful political family in Connecticut and desperately wants to shed her reputation as a superficial socialite. Against her family’s wishes, she seeks a position working for a fiercely contested political campaign and the dark horse in the race, Anderson Adams. She is thrown into the middle of a scandal of her own making when she is tricked into going to his hotel room. Anderson persuades her to play along with a pretend engagement then an actual wedding to save her reputation and his campaign. The media falls in love with the charismatic couple and they must figure out how to reconcile their public image with their private life.



Even though she had seen many images and video clips of him, Anderson was more impressive in the flesh. His intense presence drew her closer to him, and the rest of the party faded from view. His confidence was not surprising, but his relaxed charm was and it put her at ease.

She nodded. “Lucia Montgomery.”

He met her gaze. “My campaign manager seemed to think you go by Bella.”

Lucia gasped and shook her head. “Bella was a childhood nickname. It’s Lucia these days.”

“Bella suits you.”

“I was hoping I would have an opportunity to speak with you.”

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and she cringed at her forwardness. He didn’t need more adoration. She fiddled with the slim rope belt on her gown and smoothed the fabric down, trying to remember what she wanted to say to him.

His penetrating gaze sent a slow blush over her skin. “Do you have advice for me? It seems everyone in this room has an opinion on how I could win this race.”

Her mind went blank. “I don’t know if winning is possible.”

He looked at her intently. “Would you care to dance?”

Lucia straightened her spine. Why had she said that? Was it because she didn’t want to fall into the category of people wanting something from him? Or had his nearness elicited the truth from her?

He led her to the dance floor and she could feel his hand resting lightly on her lower back. The band was playing a love song and she realized she hadn’t even attempted her pitch for Isabel. She didn’t want to date Anderson Adams. She wanted to spark his curiosity in creating a documentary and tactfully mention her cousin. She had also wanted to appease her grandfather by being seen speaking with the candidate. But she had no intention of seeking a position in his campaign.

He gathered her into his embrace and she could feel her body respond to him. The evening was not going according to plan. She could barely string two words together and now she was dancing with him.

Her body stiffened and he said, “Relax. We can talk about the campaign later.”

She looked up into his eyes. “How did you know I wanted to talk about the campaign?”

He drew her slightly closer as they continued to dance. “There are very few secrets in politics. My campaign manager informed me that your grandfather mentioned that you are seeking a public relations position.”

She shook her head. “No, I’m not interested in working on your campaign, but I have an interesting idea for you.”

“Do you?” His face showed no expression.

She decided to go ahead and pitch her idea. “My cousin is an enormously talented filmmaker and I wondered if you had given any thought to recording your run for congress? Images of you campaigning could be used as a powerful marketing tool if done well.”

He smiled at her. “I agree. Maybe we could get together and discuss it further?”

Lucia nodded and allowed herself to let down her guard slightly and enjoy the dance. Anderson was agile and impressed her with his ability to dance. She stopped worrying about the intimacy of their embrace and let him lead her through a series of intricate moves.

After a second dance and then a third, she was slightly breathless and laughing at her inability to keep up with him. When the song ended, he said to her, “Let’s get a drink.”

She followed him to the bar and he ordered two glasses of Perrier with lime. Lucia cautioned herself not to be too taken with him. He was an expert at luring people in and impressing them. It didn’t hurt that he was a marvelous dancer.

He lifted his glass to her and said, “May that be the first of many dances.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Susie Warren writes contemporary romance. Besides being an avid reader, she spends much of her free time crafting intense and complex stories about falling in love. When she is not writing, Susie works as an administrator in a small, independent school while caring for three teenagers and keeping tabs on her inventor husband. With the launching of her first book, The Forgotten Heiress, she has slowly begun to navigate the social media realm.
Susie loves to hear from readers and responds to each email and Facebook post. Please reach out to her via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Susie-Warren/647556668647832 or Twitter @susiecwarren

For more information on her upcoming releases, new excerpts and other related postings, or to sign up for free promotions, please visit www.susiewarren.com

The Rosa Legacy Series

The first novel in The Rosa Legacy series, Ruthless Perfection, started with the idea of a traditional Italian mother who wanted her only daughter happily married. The mother, Carla Rosa Neri, along with her two sisters, Francesca and Marie, had emigrated from Italy as young girls and each went off to create a dynamic and successful family.
Each of the sisters had an only daughter and they made sure the girls spent time together. They attended the same boarding school in the northeast and visited each other’s homes in the summer.

Ruthless Perfection

Carla Rosa married into the Neri family with a long history in the Carrara marble industry. Her daughter, Isabel Neri, being a filmmaker and wanting to honor her grandfather’s legacy, approaches a reclusive billionaire, Marc Santoro, to ask permission to produce a documentary about the life of a quarry worker. Ruthless Perfection is the story of how they fall in love.

The Exiled Jeweler

Francesca Rosa married into the Berceto family with a long history in the jewelry making business. The Second novel in The Rosa Legacy series, The Exiled Jeweler, is about her daughter, Emelia, who went into seclusion after a scandal tore the family apart. Emelia is a talented jewelry designer who lived a sheltered life and was drawn into a passionate encounter with her family’s rival, Alexander Armati at a gala. Outside in the garden, photographs were taken on them and sold to the tabloid press. Her family was shocked and embarrassed and sent Emelia off to Florida. Four years later, she returns when her grandfather has a heart attack and her parents are deciding to sell the family business.

The Convenient Wedding

Marie Rosa married into the prominent Montgomery family, with a successful background in politics. Her only daughter, Lucia, is fascinated by politics and becomes a campaign aide. The opportunity to work on a senate campaign in Connecticut draws her into the middle of a scandal. Anderson Adams is a dark horse in the senate race yet convinces Lucia to play along with a strategy to save his campaign. The third novel in The Rosa Legacy series, The Convenient Wedding, is the story about how they reconcile their public image with their private life.


Susie will be awarding $50 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn host.

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