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Welcome Etopia Press author, Jesse Pearle...

What kind of music do you like?
I enjoy everything from classical to dubstep, but what I listen to while I write depends on the mood of the story and the characters in the scene. The musical inspiration for Second Skin included a lot of heavy, masculine music, like The Black Keys, due to the characters in it. Leo’s and the Los Leones music has a more Latino beat. Sam’s has a a heavier, bluesy feel, and Pilar’s is more feminine, a little sultry sometimes, and a little bittersweet at others.

Describe your dream home…
I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina with an amazing view from my bedroom window. My dream home would be similar to the house I grew up in. A Craftsman style home with a long porch and lots of windows overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountain range or someplace with equally beautiful vistas.

Favorite literary hero & heroine?
Jamie & Claire Fraser (I’m a huge Outlander fan).

What are you reading now?
Besides re-reading all the Outlander books for the third time, I’m working my way through the collection of books I picked up at the RWA National Conference. I just started Afterburn by Sylvia Day.

What did you do on your last birthday?
I avoided thinking about getting older. My husband also took me out to a fancy restaurant where the waiters set your dessert on fire.

What comes first, plot or characters?
Characters almost always come first for me. Even in my current project I have a cast of characters who I know have to get from point A to point B. I’m just writing along, letting them show me how they need to get there. The plot tends to emerge in the process of me discovering what the characters’ true goals and conflicts are, and what will motivate them to overcome their conflicts to reach their goals.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?
Not strictly speaking, no. I do go through phases where I either lack focus or inspiration, but I always have ideas or scenes to work out. They may not result in me moving forward with the particular story I’m working on, but I can always find something worthwhile to write down.

Do you ever want to be someone else? Who?
Nope. I could say I want to be the person I will be in ten years, but the journey to get there is the fun part. I enjoy adventures.

Tell us about your latest book?
Second Skin is part love story and part coming-of-age story. It’s a love triangle, and there are three main characters. Pilar Flores is the daughter of a drug lord, eighteen at the beginning of the story and trying to find her place in her father’s business. Leo Reyes is one of her father’s employees and the leader of an LA street gang who becomes her father’s right hand later in the story. Sam Blanco is a boy in the neighborhood Leo’s gang holds dominion over whose goal is to make enoug money selling tattoos after high school to get the hell out of dodge and away from his abusive father. The three characters’ worlds collide in unexpected ways, from Pilar’s first encounter with the tragic hero, Leo, to the complicated entanglements that occur when the young tattoo artist, Sam, comes into the picture. While the love story is most definitely between Pilar and Leo, every love story has its obstacles to overcome. Sam is one of those obstacles for Pilar and Leo, but in truth he may be the catalyst that allows the two lovers to understand each other more. At its heart, it is Sam’s story, even though the “happily ever after” isn’t his. At least not yet.

What’s next for you?
I have too many projects coming next. The sequel to Second Skin is just one (there will be five in the series), along with a Motorcycle Club romance trilogy that features a female biker protagonist. I also write erotica novellas under a different pen name (it’s sort of secret, but you can find it on my website if you look hard enough).

Second Skin
by Jesse Pearl



Obsession is never just skin deep.

Sam Blanco’s greatest desire is to escape his abusive father and violent neighborhood the only way he can—by earning money as a tattoo artist for a street gang. He’s befriended their leader, the deadly Leo Reyes, and gained a measure of safety under their protection. But just when things are going right for the first time in Sam’s life, Leo’s girlfriend, Pilar Flores, walks in and requests a tattoo in an unusual location. Sam obliges, but the experience leaves them both reeling. Unable to focus for days, Sam finds himself craving Pilar’s touch, but she’s exactly the kind of trouble he doesn’t need.

Pilar Flores is her father’s daughter. Being the daughter of a drug lord is not an easy role to fill, but she aspires to live up to the title and make her father proud. But her father has no plans to allow her into the business, and Pilar hates being sidelined. She hates that Leo is away for days on end, and she especially hates being treated like an incompetent female by every man she sees. Except for Sam. She decides to take control of her life the only way she knows how—through seduction. But she’s not prepared for how eager and passionate a lover Sam is, or how deeply she’s drawn to him. Even though she knows their ill-fated affair can’t possibly end well…



(Sam’s POV)

“So you just leave the pictures in here until they’re done or what?” Benny asked, flipping through the loose-leaf leather-bound book that Sam always kept with him wherever he went.

“Yeah, if I’m finished working on them I might take them out, give them away or what not. But it’s hard to know when I’m done. Some take a while.”

Sam set out the pieces of his machine in the usual, methodical order to begin assembling it once his client arrived. Something niggled at the back of his mind, however—somewhere behind the image of Pilar tied to her bed, her sweet dimples challenging him to do exactly the thing he planned to do as soon as he finished his drawing.

“Motherfucker,” Benny muttered under his breath.

A hot rush of panic infused Sam at the same instant he realized what he’d done…or failed to do.

“Like this one?” Benny turned the sketchbook around.

Sam’s stomach lurched when he saw the detailed nude sketch he’d made of Pilar Sunday morning. He’d spent enough time rendering her face that there was no mistaking who she was.

“Tell me you just drew her face from memory on some other girl’s body.”

Sam was sure he had a deer-in-the-headlights look when he said, “Not exactly…”

Benny gaped at him then looked back at the drawing. After a second more of studying it he just shook his head.

“Man, you are something else. I seriously think you must have a death wish. Or one huge pair of cojones.”

Sam had lost the ability to speak. His brain frantically attempted to process the implications of his friend seeing the picture of Pilar. Fuck, fuck, fuck, this wasn’t supposed to happen. You’re a fucking idiot, Sam.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jesse Pearle grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina in a place where there was no danger in dancing naked in the moonlight at the top of a mountain. Always possessed of a creative mind, but never quite the right amount of focus, she wandered for decades. She received a degree in fine art which she put to poor use working an uneventful desk job for an engineering company when she started writing her first really ambitious piece of fiction. She lives in sunny Southern California with her ever supportive husband and four attention-whoring cats.


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Welcome, Wild Rose Press author, Marlow Kelly...

A Woman of Honour
by Marlow Kelly



Duncan Campbell wakes to discover he is imprisoned with a woman in his enemy's dungeon in the Highlands of Scotland. The disenchanted warrior hopes his last few moments on earth will be spent in the arms of the sweet-voiced Isabel. If only she will cooperate.

Isabel Douglas has no intention of obliging the crude captive. The penniless noblewoman considers herself too tall and thin to be desirable. She intends to become a nun. But first, disguised as a boy, she must deliver an important letter to Scotland's hero in hiding, King Robert the Bruce.

Together, the pair make a daring escape that plunges them into the bleak countryside in the middle of winter. In the struggle to survive, they learn the true strength of their feelings for each other. But when Duncan's animosity towards the king becomes evident, Isabel must decide between her heart and her country.

Duncan Campbell drifted into consciousness and opened his eyes to absolute blackness. He lay perfectly still on the cold, dirt floor listening. A small rustle of fabric echoed in the darkness. He cocked his head, getting a sense of the sound’s location, then rose to his feet.

“Tell me who you are before I tear you apart,” he roared, seizing his opponent. Whoever it was didn’t answer, just silence. A fist punched him on the nose. Pain ricocheted through him, and he grabbed his face. In the dark, he lost his balance and fell in the dirt, cradling his head in his hands.

“Oh my, are you all right?” asked a small voice.

“No, I’m not.”

“You threatened me, and I wanted to give you fair warning I will fight back if you touch me.”

The lyrical voice stunned him. A woman? She spoke Gaelic with a strong, lowland accent. He shook off the pain and asked, “Where am I?”

“Dunstaffnage Castle. Don’t you remember your capture? I’ve heard of people getting a bump on the head and not remembering their own name. Is that what happened to you? Did you bump your head?”

Lord, she was talkative.

“Is it?”

“I remember I was hit from behind scouting the bast….Are we in the dungeon?” He rose to his feet.


He grunted. On the bright side he hadn’t gone blind. On the other hand they were in a dank, windowless cell with no hope of escape. There wasn’t even a sliver of light coming through the door.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

After being thrown out of England for refusing to drink tea, Marlow Kelly made her way to Canada where she found love, a home and a pug named Max. She also discovered her love of storytelling. Encouraged by her husband, children and let’s not forget Max, she started putting her ideas to paper. Her need to write about strong women in crisis drives her stories and her curiosity regarding the lives and loves of historical figures are the inspiration for her characters.


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Welcome Berkley Books author, Kim Boykin...

Publishing August 5, 2014 (Berkley Books)

June, 1947. Charleston is poised to celebrate the biggest wedding in high-society history, the joining of two of the oldest families in the city. Except the bride is nowhere to be found…
Unlike the rest of the debs she grew up with, Vada Hadley doesn’t see marrying Justin McLeod as a blessing—she sees it as a life sentence. So when she finds herself one day away from a wedding she doesn’t want, she’s left with no choice but to run away from the future her parents have so carefully planned for her.
In Round O, South Carolina, Vada finds independence in the unexpected friendships she forms at the boarding house where she stays, and a quiet yet fulfilling courtship with the local diner owner, Frank Darling. For the first time in her life, she finally feels like she’s where she’s meant to be. But when her dear friend Darby hunts her down, needing help, Vada will have to confront the life she gave up—and decide where her heart truly belongs.
Charleston, SC
June 20, 1947
“Murrah?” Rosa Lee’s eyes go wide and she shakes her head at me like I’ve forgotten the rules, but I haven’t. Since before I was born, my parents forbade the servants to speak their native tongue in our house. Offenders were given one warning; a second offense brought immediate dismissal. I say the Gullah word again, drawing it out softly. “Why are you crying?” The hands that helped bring me into the world motion for me to lower my voice.
Rosa Lee’s husband, Desmond, told me my first word was murrah. It was what I called Rosa Lee, until Mother made me call her by name. “My own murrah.” The forbidden words bring more tears. I press my face into the soft curve of her neck and breathe in the Ivory soap Mother insists all the servants use, mingled with Rosa Lee’s own scent—vanilla and lemongrass.
She holds me at arm’s length, trembling, and I know I’ve done it again.
“You got to tell them,” she pleads. “Make them see you can’t go through with this.”
I point to the door that leads to the elegant dining room where my parents are eating their breakfast. “I have told them. Mother refuses to listen, and I’ve begged Father. He says I have to do this.” She looks away. Her body rocks, sobbing violently on the inside. “Rosa Lee, please don’t cry. I can’t bear it.” She shakes her head and swipes at the tears that stain the sleeve of her freshly pressed uniform. “I won’t do it again. I promise.”
“When you’re asleep, your heart takes over. You got no control, and it’s gonna kill you.”
She’s right. Since I graduated and moved home from college two weeks ago, I’ve been sleepwalking like I did when I was a child, but these outings don’t land me snuggled up in the servant’s quarters, between Desmond and Rosa Lee. Most of the time, I wake up and return to bed without incident, but last week Desmond found me trying to leave the house. He said I was babbling about sleeping in the bay, which might not have been so disturbing if I hadn’t been wearing five layers of heavy clothing. I knew what he thought I was trying to do to myself and told him not to worry.
Since then, Rosa Lee has insisted on sleeping on the stiff brocade chaise in my bedroom. Of course, my parents don’t know she’s there or that she’s so afraid I’ll walk to the bay or step off the balcony in my sleep, she’s tethered my ankle to the bedpost with three yards of satin rope she begged from Mrs. O’Doul.
“Maybe it will be different after the wedding.” I love her enough to lie to her. “Father says I’m a Hadley and once it’s over with, I’ll fall in line the way I was born to.”
“But what if Desmond hadn’t caught you?” She threads her fingers in mine and kisses the back of my hand. A part of me wishes her intuition hadn’t sent Desmond to check on me, that he hadn’t found me. “And what are you gonna do when we’re not there?”
“Don’t say that.” My knees buckle, and I melt into a puddle at her feet. Justin has made it clear he’s happy with his staff and has no plans to add “two ancient servants.” But living under his roof and not having Rosa Lee and Desmond with me is unthinkable, another high price of being the last Hadley descendant.
“You think it’s not going to get worse after you’re married? Who do you think’s gonna be there to save you? Mr. Justin?” She hisses the last word. “You think long and hard before the sun comes up tomorrow, because I’m afraid down to my bones that you won’t be alive to see it.”

About the Author
Kim Boykin was raised in her South Carolina home with two girly sisters and great parents. She had a happy, boring childhood, which sucks if you’re a writer because you have to create your own crazy. PLUS after you’re published and you’re being interviewed, it’s very appealing when the author actually lived in Crazy Town or somewhere in the general vicinity.

Almost everything she learned about writing, she learned from her grandpa, an oral storyteller, who was a master teacher of pacing and sensory detail. He held court under an old mimosa tree on the family farm, and people used to come from all around to hear him tell stories about growing up in rural Georgia and share his unique take on the world.
As a stay-at-home mom, Kim started writing, grabbing snip-its of time in the car rider line or on the bleachers at swim practice. After her kids left the nest, she started submitting her work, sold her first novel at 53, and has been writing like crazy ever since.

Thanks to the lessons she learned under that mimosa tree, her books are well reviewed and, according to RT Book Reviews, feel like they’re being told across a kitchen table. She is the author of The Wisdom of Hair from Berkley, Steal Me, Cowboy and Sweet Home Carolina from Tule, and Palmetto Moon, also from Berkley 8/5/14. While her heart is always in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, she lives in Charlotte and has a heart for hairstylist, librarians, and book junkies like herself. 

Overall tour giveaway is Charleston gift basket (US only) and a copy of Palmetto Moon (International).  

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Welcome contemporary romance author, Codi Gary...

Did you set any goals for 2014? I wanted to go to two conferences.

How long does it take you to write a 50,000-60,000 word manuscript? Two weeks to six weeks, depending on the schedule I have.

Tell us about a new author you’ve recently discovered. ) I just started reading Wendy Corsi Staub and loving her!

Name two romances you’ve read more than once. ) I would read For the Roses and Romancing Mr. BRIDGERTON every day if I could. I will always love them.
Tell us about your first car. My first car was a purple Dodge Neon. The door panel fell off at one point and the switch on the back door was broken, so the inside light always thought it was open and would flicker like a strobe light. I loved that car.

Tell us something you’ve lied about? I once pretended to be my friend’s sister in law when we were teenagers, and told her boss she was in a car accident to get her out of work...yikes!

How do you feel about kissing in public? Yes or no? I think kissing in public is okay but full on make out, getting ready to head into second base is tacky. Unless you are trying to hide (against a car in a deserted parking lot after a date, for example.)

Make Me Crazy
by Codi Gary


Miranda “Rand” Coleman has seen the way love can wreck a person and wants absolutely no part of it. When her granddaddy dies suddenly, he leaves a clause in his will that has her married in three months or she loses her inheritance. Unwilling to give up the Double C Ranch, she starts to set her eyes towards the eligible men in town, with little luck in finding a man she can stand for a minute let alone a year. Until she sets eyes on the new veterinarian and enlists the help of her womanizing best friend, Jake, to help. 

Jake Hansen is a single guy who likes his women pretty and uncomplicated, with no plans to settle down anytime soon. When he decides to help Rand hook her man, he has no idea the effect watching Rand change would have on him. Especially when she starts letting her gorgeous brown hair down and showing off a body he didn’t even know she had. Before too long, Jake isn’t just lusting after his best friend, he’s feeling downright possessive. But when it comes down to the wire, will he get over his issues and step up to the alter…or lose the only woman he was ever meant to love?

Surprising himself, he reached out to brush a piece of hair from her forehead and said sincerely, “There are a ton of men in this town who would be lucky to have someone like you.”
He barely had time to dwell on the softness of her skin before, in true Rand form, she started making gagging noises. “Alright, if we’re done with the touchy feely moment, can I start this movie? Disembowelment I can handle, but this sappy chick talk is nauseating.”
“How is it you can be more of a guy than I am?” He asked, watching her get up and head towards the DVD player, silently cursing himself for his craziness. Whatever weird glitch was going on with him, he needed to nip it in the bud. For a brief moment, he was thinking Red wasn’t so nuts to consider marrying Rand. If she was willing to give her future husband some kind of financial help, as long as he stayed out of her business, why not him? He’d been wanting to buy Loco Tack and Feed for several months, had planned on applying for a loan, but with the money from Rand, he wouldn’t need to deal with the bank.
And it wouldn’t be like it was a real marriage.
“I don’t act like a guy.” Rand said, twisting around after putting the DVD in. “I’m just not one of those prissy girls you and Red seem to think are sooo wonderful.”
Red’s idea about fluffing up Rand’s femininity popped into Jake’s head. “What if you dressed up a bit? Put on some make up? Maybe you’d catch someone’s attention.”
She gave him a dubious look as she sat next to him. “Because I don’t believe in false advertising. Now, hush up. I want to watch this guy get sliced up.”
“Morbid.”             “Entertaining.” She contradicted.
AUTHOR Bio and Links:

An obsessive bookworm for twenty years, Codi Gary likes to write sexy small-town contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family. Visit her website www.codigarysbooks.comfor latest news, social media, or just to say hi!

Author links:

This is the second book in the Loco, Texas series..

MMC Amazon:

MMC Itunes:


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Me & Nora Roberts...

Last Sunday was a day that a dream I thought impossible came true - I met and spoke to multi-published, super successful romance author Nora Roberts! Nora is my biggest influence, favourite author and reason I started writing toward publication all those years ago.

How I discovered Nora's books is a little divine and other-worldly - a certain sign from God that I NEEDED to read her books. Mr B and I attended the famous Hay-On-Wye literary festival back in 2005 and back then, I hadn't even heard of Nora Roberts…I know, crazy!

Hay-On-Wye is a tiny village in Wales, famous for its streets filled with the most glorious, and often tiny, bookshops. Books literally line the narrow streets! For a bibliophile like me it is heaven on earth…and about time I went back for another visit.

Anyway, back to how I discovered Nora - I went into one particular bookshop that was split over two floors. On the top floor, I pulled from a shelf of a million and one romances, Seascape by Nora Roberts. New author to me, liked the blurb and tucked in under my arm - I went downstairs to another section marked, "Futuristic"…I pulled out another new author to me, J.D.Robb.

Little did I know until I returned home that Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb were the same author - if that wasn't fate that Nora's would change my life, I don't know what was!

Over nine years on, I am obsessed with Nora's books and estimated I have read about 50 of her 200 plus books - I have a long way to go…So when I discovered my idol was coming to Ireland and hosting an afternoon tea, there was no chance I wouldn't be there.

My fabulous Mr. B booked a night in Ashford Castle - Oh. My. Lord! The castle is a whole other post…just amazing.

The journey from England was logistically tight and we missed the sandwiches and scones, but thankfully, none of Nora's interview or signing. Dry mouthed and shaking, I approached Nora with Dark Witch in my clammy hand and before I knew it we were chatting how she was the reason I started writing. I told her I write for Harlequin and Kensington, she congratulated me and told me she looked forward to seeing me at the Romance Writers of America conference in New York next year. Happy Rachel!

Let's hope she meant it because I fully intend to be there and as Nora and I are now firm friends…I'm sure she won't mind me following her around!

A dream come true and one I will share again and again with anyone willing to listen!

Rachel x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Welcome Best Selling romance author, Alexa Grace...

 Profile of Terror
by Alexa Grace


A missing coed named Abby Reece.

Two clever thrill killers are committing the most brutal, public, and horrifying abductions and murders in the county’s history.  The killers, known as the Gamers, have done this before, and are now upping their evil game to a new level.  The question is — can they be stopped before they kill again?

Things get complicated.

When an ex-girlfriend goes missing, Private Investigator Gabe Chase is obsessed with finding her.  But once her naked and posed body is discovered, the investigator becomes the investigated.  His passion for the victim’s beautiful sister is a complication he doesn't need, as he helps solve the county’s most baffling, terrifying murder cases ever.

Add a sociopathic serial killer who calls himself the Master.

A serial killer so deadly, the FBI’s behavioral analysts want to know when and why he began killing, as well as the identification and location of additional victims.  He will speak only to former federal agent, Carly Stone, a woman he blames for his capture.  When the profiler finds herself at the mercy of this ruthless killer, his becomes the most terrifying profile of all.

Profile of Terror

Three chilling villains, two passionate love stories, and pulse-racing suspense with startling plot twists keep readers on the edge of their seats from page one of this heart-pounding and unforgettable romantic suspense.


At one in the morning, the dark sky was illuminated by a full moon as they drove on a country road, trees hanging overhead like skeletal arms, nearly touching their vehicle.  Driving slowly, they made periodic stops, for only the perfect place would do.

Approaching a bridge over a deep ravine with a wide creek, the van stopped.  Both got out and circled to the back of the white utility van, where they pulled out a young woman's body, already stiffening with rigor mortis.  They carried her to the edge of the road, where they set down her corpse, gave it a push, and sent it rolling down the ravine until it landed on the rocky creek bed below.  Hands on hips, they waited and watched the body at rest, as if they expected it to magically come to life and run away.

"I wonder how long it will take the cops to find this one." The driver chuckled as he followed his passenger to the back of the van.

"Good question.  The one last winter wasn't found until the spring thaw."  He flipped through a stack of magnetic business signs he'd collected in the back of the vehicle.  Choosing one, he slapped it on the side of the van and climbed inside.

"So how many magnetic signs do we have now?"

"Fifteen or so.  We've got signs for plumbing, locksmithing, house painting, and general repair businesses. Think we need more?"

"No." He shook his head.  "You did a good job stealing those.  Even if we have an eye witness tonight, they'll describe a business truck, complete with a name and phone number the cops will use to try to track down their suspects. Too bad it will be a dead end.  Any time we can toy with the cops is a good time."

"Agreed," he said, as a slow, evil smile spread across his handsome face.

Devan Roth glanced at his twin brother, Evan, sitting in the passenger seat, and thought about how much Evan craved his praise.  He'd used that need to his advantage their entire lives.  It wasn't that Devan didn't love his twin.  He did, but he loved manipulating him more.  Although Evan had a higher intelligence level than Devan ever dreamed of reaching, Evan's adoration for his twin was his weak spot.  And if there was anything that Devan could identify from a mile away, it was someone else's weakness.  That's what made Devan the leader.

From early childhood, he could get Evan to do absolutely anything he wanted.  Devan invented the "Double Dare" game when the twins were twelve; he double-dared Evan to jump off the second-story roof. Evan leaped, and broke both his legs.  But he never told their parents that Devan had dared him to do it.  His loyalty to his twin outweighed the pain he suffered that summer.

The Double Dare game continued.  Early on, they stole and killed their neighbors' pets, and then moved on to peeping in windows in the neighborhood and videotaping the event so they could relive the thrill later.  Now they were abducting and killing prostitutes, then disposing of their bodies in remote areas surrounding Indianapolis.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

USA Today Bestselling Author,  Alexa Grace's journey started in March 2011 when the Sr. Director of Training & Development position she'd held for thirteen years was eliminated. A door closed but another one opened. She finally had the time to pursue her childhood dream of writing books. Her focus is now on writing riveting romantic suspense novels.

Author Alexa Grace is consistently listed in top twenty of Amazon's Top 100 Most Popular Authors in the categories Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural. She was named one of the top 100 Indie authors by Kindle Review. A chapter is devoted to her in the book Interviews with Indie Authors by C. Ridgway and T. Ridgway.

She became a USA TODAY Best Selling Author for her participation in THE PERFECT TEN book set.

Her books Deadly Offerings, Deadly Deception, and Deadly Relations have consistently been listed in Amazon's Top 100 Bestselling Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural Books. Deadly Deception, Deadly Relations and Deadly Holiday have ranked #1 in the top... Read More

Alexa Grace began her writing journey in March 2011 when the Sr. Director of Training & Development position she'd held for thirteen years was eliminated. A door closed but another one opened. She finally had the time to pursue her childhood dream of writing books. Her focus is now on writing riveting romantic suspense novels.

Alexa Grace is consistently listed in top twenty of Amazon's Top 100 Most Popular Authors in the categories Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural.  In 2013, she was named one of the top 100 Indie authors by Kindle Review. A chapter is devoted to her in the book Interviews with Indie Authors by C. Ridgway and T. Ridgway.

Her books Deadly Offerings, Deadly Deception, and Deadly Relations are listed in e-retailer's Top 100 Bestselling Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural Books.  Deadly Offerings has not left the top ten bestselling free mystery romance and police procedural books since 2011.

Deadly Holiday, published in November 2012, is her holiday-themed romantic suspense novella, featuring all her Deadly Trilogy characters.

 Alexa Grace's book Deadly Relations is included in the bestselling book set The Perfect Ten along with Dianna Love, Norah Wilson, Nancy Naigle, Andrienne Giordano, Misty Evans, Sandy Blair, Mary Buckham, Tonya Kappes and Micah Caipa.

Profile of Evil, the first book of the Profile Series was published in May 2013. Profile of Terror was released in May 2014  and Profile of Fear will be released in 2015.

Earning two degrees from Indiana State University, Alexa currently lives in Florida. She's a member of Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Her writing support team includes five Miniature Schnauzers, three of which are rescues. As a writer, she is fueled by Starbucks lattes, chocolate and emails from readers.

You can visit her website at -

Subscribe to her newsletter at -

Tweet her - @AlexaGrace2

Book Links

Profile of Terror  (Book Two of the Profile Series)


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